Dainis Porgants - "Depresija" (1991) Latvian Movie

 I first found out about this Latvian movie after buying the soundtrack album.

Mūzika Kinofilmai "Depresija"

The Front cover struck my eye, and having heard and liked Raimonds Pauls´ previous

soundtrack and musical work, such as "Double Trap", "Šerloks Holmss" and " Sister Carrie",

I decided to give it a try. The Movie (and soundtrack) is from 1991, around the time when Soviet Union collapsed.

Latvia used to be part of Soviet Union, and there was a record pressing factory in Riga.

So this LP is not on the Soviet state run Melodiya-label of the ministry of culture, like Raimonds Pauls´ previous output.

Instead it was released on the new Latvian Ritonis -label. The music is quite interesting. Drum machines and synths are there, with a updated 90´s sound, even though I would not call it a masterpiece, it´s still worth owning for the sheer obscurity and weirdness of it.

On the front cover you can see a erotic cabaret dancer, or a stripper / prostitute.

In front of her on the floor are syringes, a drop of blood and a mirror.

I started wondering, how in the world can the movie be like?

After some years of having the LP, I finally found the Film on You Tube!

I believe it is the first (and only) Latvian movie I have ever seen. 

No one in Finland is Importing Films from east-europe, and they are never shown on TV either.


I checked it out and...It is very interesting. Unfortunately there is no subtitles, and it is age-restricted, so you have to sign in to see it. It´s very very long as well (in two parts).

Is it a Movie or a TV-Series? I do not know.

"Kinofilmai" sounds like a movie to me.

As much as I could understand (I dont speak Latvian), the Film is taking place in Latvian underworld, with strippers, or erotic cabaret dancers

dancing in a club / Hotel and people dying from overdose of Intravenous drugs. 

Maybe one day we can see a legitimate release of this Film for western audiences?

I would not hold my breath, though.

You never know, though. Check this 2004 CD re-issue of  "Šerloks Holmss" on Mikrofona Ieraksti-label, somehow sponsored by the Finnish hardware store chain K-Rauta!



I did not even know they had K-Rauta in Latvia!

I picked that CD up when I visited the country, I thought it was just so bizarre.


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