Do You like What Redhill Records is doing?


Do You Want To Support An Independent Second-Hand Business?

Redhill Records Is Environmentally Responsible.

The Records, Books and CD´s We Sell And The Shipping Materials We Use Are About 95% Recycled.

We Offer Paper Shopping Bags To Customers Instead Of Plastic Bags.

By Supporting Redhill Records You Are Supporting Green Choices For The Planet.

Shopping Does Not Have To Be A Burden On The Environment!

Recycling Used Items Is At The Center Of Our Business Model.


We Support Local Artists And DJ´s To The Best Of Our Ability.

Many Leading Disc Jockeys Purchase Their Records From Us.

We Sell Local Marginal Artists´ Self-Released Records.

We Do Important Cultural Work.

Our Musical Selection Differs From Most Other Record Stores In Helsinki.

We Try Keep Up A Fresh Selection Of Records From Africa, Latin America, The Orient, Balkans, Asia etc. Our Emphasis Is On Dance Music, But We Have Folk Music, Tribal, Ambient, Sacred Chants And Meditation/Relaxation Records Available As Well.

Our Goal Is To Offer Music From All Over The World.

This Of Course Costs Money. Sometimes Business Is Slow, And We Can Not Stock Up On New Records As Often As We Would Like.

To Buy Quality Reggae, Soul, Disco, Cumbia, Afrobeat, Bollywood and Bellydance Records Requires Major Investments.

 Price Of Everything Is Going Up, But We Try To Keep Record Prices Reasonable.

It Is Difficult With Daily Expenses Getting Higher And Higher.

 Do You Think It Is Worthwhile To Keep Small Brick And Mortar 2nd Hand Stores Alive?

Do You Enjoy Shopping Responsibly And Ecologically?

Do You Feel It Is Important To Have These Options Available, Even Thought You Might Not Collect Records Yourself?

 You Can Help!

Even A Small Amount Makes A Difference.

We Will Use The Money To Spread The Musical Message Of Peace, Love And Understanding Between Cultures.

Music Is The Universal Language.

Donate Any Amount By Using The Donate Paypal -Link Below.